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Like me, most Filipinos I've come across from my travels around the world, are shy and lack confidence. It's because of how we were raised and how we are brought up within the culture and environment of the people who are raising us.  That's how I used to be before I discovered these LifeTools and LifeTips.


It was so bad for me that at my brother's wedding reception, as his best man, I was too afraid to make a toast in front of all those people in attendance. So sad that my cousin had to make the toast for me.


But now I do presentations and trainings in front of hundreds of people, live or on webinars online. I can talk to CEOs and Presidents of companies, and I can talk to admirals and other high officials in the military and in the governments. All thanks to what I've learned and discovered that I have now put into this book.


In 2015 I lost my job when the economy was bad. Rey mentored me and coached me. He taught me how to guarantee a job at my first interview using the concept from his book. 

It worked. I now have a great job from the first interview I had, just as Rey said I would if i just say and do what he suggested.

Thank you Rey


It's tough being a single mom, especially to two young boys. They are so difficult and I can't control them.


Rey helped me to see that I do not need to try and control them.  He first asked me to look up the definition of  "Parenting", and I was amazed at how simple it became.


As Rey pointed out to me "No where in the definition of parenting does it say Control, so don't do it!" "Parenting has nothing to do with control. Instead help and guide them to enhance the qualities and skills they already possess. And to talk to them and explain things to them instead of just telling them."


Now I have a great relationship with my kids. Thanks Rey

Your LifeTools & LifeTips


So what can this book possibly do for you, and how will you benefit from reading it?


I say possibly because no matter how great an idea or concept, nothing is automatic. It is still up to you to implement the ideas and/or concepts and to put it to work in your Life...  in the form of ACTION! You are the only one that can do that and no one can force you to.


But with that said... If you read and reread as necessary, and implement the concepts of the LifeTools and LifeTips I present in this book, the possibilities can be endless.


When someone has a headache we tell them to take an aspirin. But the aspirin is just a bandaid. How often do we find out the ROOT cause of the headache? Have you considered maybe the ROOT cause is as simple as not drinking enough water that causes someone to have headaches. If you drink plenty of water every day, just the minimum daily requirement, you may be able to avoid headaches all together. Try it!


You see, once you know and understand the ROOT cause or causes of a problem, then you can solve the problem itself, any problem. And this is true for the problem of UNsuccess in all of us.


So if you lack confidence.. within this book you will discover The ROOT causes of it, and I will give you "To Do" list to help you exercise your confidence to slowly return it back to you.


But I truly believe everything begins with the right mindset. And in this book I will introduce you to the ROOT causes of why you think the way you do, and how you can reestablish a different mindset that is more positive, optimistic, appreciative, healthier and just simply better than how you currently think.


I will help you to see yourself in a different perspective so you will have belief in YOU. And you can learn how to wake up to a better day every day just by learning how to have a better attitude.


This book will help you to become persistent again so you can become fearless as you were when you were a toddler.


I will show you and teach you, Your Greatest Skill so You will have an "I Can" attitude. As a matter of fact I will give you this concept for Free whether you buy my book or not. Because it took almost my entire life to discover this, I will give it freely so it doesn't take you a lifetime to realize what you already have, so you can start using your Greatest Skill right away. So I've included it in the preview pages of the book.


And If you have Children, you can implement the same concept to help your Children Learn better and grow to become their Best, and you will become a better example and a role model to your children.


You can even become better problem solver just by asking the right questions. I used these concepts in the book when I was a Computer Technician for United Parcel Service and as an Electrician for the US Navy, and there wasn't anything I couldn't fix or solve.


I will show you a different and a unique perspective to curiousity, that will help to enhance your abilities and skills.


And if you are a networker, there's definitely great things in this book to help you to become fierce in building your business. When you are confident and fearless, you will be unstoppable. You will be able to talk to anyone anywhere, anytime. You won't be discouraged by failures because you will have a new and different mindset towards failures, as they are just obstacles and you can go around them, over them or through them!


Studies have shown that the greatest Fear people have, is speaking in front of a crowd. Are you one of these people that are afraid to talk to a crowd? If so, I can help you with that. And within this book and pages, and with your Greatest Skill you will learn to ReBuild yourself to be able to conquer this fear, and other Fears.


There's so much more that you just have to read it for yourself...






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So why does this book cost just $19, if it has the answers to the ultimate question as to the Root causes of why most people are UNsuccessful?
#1. $19 for The Book is Not too expensive for most people who truly want to make a personal change in their Life.


#2. Anyone who's NOT serious enough about personal growth and self development to invest just $19 or 950 Philippine pesos, does NOT deserve access to a copy of this unique book and the ROOT causes of UNsuccess... plain and simple!


#3. And anyone serious enough to pay for 2 people at a fast food restaurant can afford to pay for this manuscript and have access to these LifeTools and LifeTips to help them THRIVE at Life, not just survive.

Why just $19


Rey helped me to buy investment houses. He really cared and took the time to explain and educate me and my family about the real estate market.


It's not just about the commission for Rey. It's about building a relationship. He was a friend but now he is also family to us.


I figured if he is the kind of person he writes about in his book, my family and friends should read about it. So I bought 10 of his books to share with people I love. Thank You Rey!


and see how this book can Help You

Click on the cover image to the right and I'll give you a look inside some of the pages of the book. 


This will give you a preview of just some of the LifeTools and LifeTips pages I introduce and present in the book. But remember, what you will see are not all of the LifeTools and LifeTips that you will get with the entire pages of the book.


Note: At the bottom-right of the Preview page are tools to help you read the pages better, like zoom and full screen, plus other tools.

30 Day - 100% Your Money Back


It took almost 50 years of my life before I discovered my Greatest Skill and what I believe to be your  Greatest Skill as well. Plus other LifeTools and LifeTips that I wrote into this book and other manuscript for future publications. And I give you your Greatest Skill and other concepts Free in the Preview.


But if you feel you already know everything there is to know between the pages of this book, and that there isn't at least one LifeTool or one LifeTip that you can Learn and use to help improve anything in your Life, then I will give you a full refund of your money!


So therefore you have nothing to lose! 



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Then contact me so I can send you the digital copy :)

To Help You Thrive At Life, Not Just Survive!

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